Top 10 conclusions 2018 and 2022 World Cup results

Posted by - December 2, 2010 - Conclusions, World Cup

The fallout from Zurich

1. Today’s Wikileaks allegations that Russia is a “mafia state” obviously proved too much of lure for FIFA’s executive committee.

2. Either that or Compare The Market’s advertising strategy is even more brainwashing than we previously thought.

3. Air conditioning in the stadiums or not, OTP just can’t see Qatar working for players or fans. It’s going to be far too hot.

4. And a bit cramped too. According to our rough calculations, there will only be 137 sq miles per World Cup qualifying nation in the entire country.

5. No such problems in Russia where players will probably be at risk of deep vein thrombosis when travelling between matches.

6. David Cameron must be thinking Vladimir Putin had the right idea in waiting to see if he won before parading around Zurich.

7. Sepp Blatter seemed very apologetic, presumably because he knew England’s was the best bid. He called it the “motherland of football”, but clearly Mother Russia was more appealing.

8. Blatter actually awarded Qatar the “two twenty-two” so hanging in there USA. You might still get 2022.

9. It sounds like Panorama might have scared off Jack Warner. Hopefully the rumours that we will get to see who voted for what will prove to be true.

10. We are unable to conclude what is the point of a bidding process and presentations, if FIFA are just going to give the tournaments to new frontiers. Why not just stick a pin in a map?

  • JamJam

    The men in oil have showed their bags of money to FIFA for the world cup… wait… which ones?

  • OmegaSupreme

    It’s the first world-cups in Eastern Europe and the Middle East so both should be special. I wouldn’t mind seeing some wikileaks from fifi HQ though, seams pretty ropey to me.

  • Mark Jones

    You can’t honestly see any of the ‘old guard’ ever getting a word cup again under the current system. Time to adopt the Eurovision style rules where the winner gets the option to host it

  • Jimbo

    I think both were good decisions. Surely the aim of FIFA is to spread the appeal of football globally. Awarding the World Cup to nations that have never hosted it before surely must do that. There’s a lot of jealous English and American people thinking differently though.

  • http://nah mike

    42 C in the shade.. why was 2022 even being decided,, cus Pratter wanted one last brown envelope

  • Susie

    A ’22 WC where you’re not allowed to drink in public?! As a Western spectator, what’s the point?

    At least there is vodka in Russia.

  • Jimbo

    There’s plenty of countries where you’re not allowed to drink in public, Ireland for example.

  • Gary Lineker

    Supposedly the 2 votes we got were from England and Africa, one of the guys who was being investigated in the Panorama show.

    Good to see our friendly in Trinidad & Tobago helped Warner decide his vote, we must have upset the guy.

    Fuck the World Cup, when was the last good one anyway?

  • http://offthepost boaby

    the world cup is pants anyway….. last decent one was usa 1994 !!

  • neil

    Jimbo, to quote Dara O Briain, here in Ireland we have three states of legality:
    1. That’s grand (perfectly legal)
    2. Don’t push it (officially illegal, but we work around it)
    3. You’re taking the piss (Arrestable offence)

    Drinking in public is classified as “Don’t push it”….

    Joking aside, I think that Fifa do have somewhat of an obligation to bring the tournament to developing football countries. However, these countries must be suitable for staging the event. Quatar is not, where as Australia has both the fanbase and stadia.

    As far as 2018 goes, England should have won it. Definitely.

  • Joe

    I’m certainly dissappointed to not have the WC return to the US. However I don’t begrudge another country their first tournament in light of the fact that we had one relatively recently.

    However, the choice of Qatar befuddles me given the heat in the summer months. The game is dour and defensive enough as it is. Given the heat, the rapid frequency of matches, and the current trend of playing with one striker, can you imagine many sides pushing forward for more goals after going ahead 1-0?

  • Jimbo

    Neil, I’d agree with you that Australia would have been a better choice than Qatar. But I don’t think Australia were too bothered about their bid.

  • Name: Mark

    FIFA has to be one of the most corrupt organizati­on in the world!

    Qatar really?! Ok have fun but don’t forget no drinking, no public shows of affection with your girlfriend and if you are gay you better skip this world cup!

    Not to mention the heat and possible security issues. But if get bored you can always go for a small ride to their friendly neighborin­g country…­.. Saudi Arabia

  • ab

    “1994 World Cup in the United States, where some of the matches were played at midday in temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius”

    But then again maybe OTP wasn’t born yet or was too young to remember.

    or just a bitter loser :)

  • bilby

    It’s hard to imagine there would have been many Americans partying in the streets if USA had have been awarded the WC. But one vote for Australia … seriously? Good security record, human rights ok (alright, roughly), proven capability with big events, a new frontier/Asian vibe, modest weather…only worth one vote? What is this circus FIFA are running? Qatar says temperature will not be an issue. How so? Are there 32 aircon training grounds to go with the stadia? What about fans when they’re not at matches? What is there, really, to do in the desert in the middle of summer? Security? Doha airport is currently a joke. I can live with funky – Sth Africa was – but Qatar will be a weird ego trip by tinpot sheiks.
    Russia, psst, base yourself in Petersburg, it’s a wonderful city. But it’s astounding that Russia got 11 votes from the get-go. Amazing.

  • Ed

    lmao @ all the crying nad fans,Pathetic racist sams army it never surprises me what reaction they have when they lose..Congrats Qatar or how ignorant americans who keeping on asking wtf is Qatar or call it ”Cutter’..