Top 10 conclusions Spurs v Chelsea

Posted by - December 13, 2010 - Chelsea, Conclusions, Lists, Premier League, Tottenham

1. Like a destructive part of your personality that you keep under lock and key only for it to escape at the office Christmas party, is Naughty Gomes back? A blooper for Chelsea’s first and a rugby tackle on Ramires for the penalty. The resulting save will help, but Spurs fans will hope Count von Count hasn’t returned.

2. Harry said it initially as a joking soundbite, but that was mere testing of the water: he thought Spurs could win the league. No one gets carried away like ‘Arry and Spurs do not have a chance. If United win their games in hand they’ll be ten ahead of Spurs. That’s a bigger gap than from Spurs to 16th.

3. Indeed, with Man City seemingly able to score without Tevez, Champions League football will be a hard enough goal to achieve. Spurs had three shots on target and one corner yesterday. Improvements are clear from Spurs recently, but they can’t take their eye off the ball.

4. Ramires (see above photo). Has their ever been a greater head size : shirt size ratio in Premier League history?

5. Welcome back Michael Dawson. Immense yesterday, and Spurs fans soon remembered what they have been missing. Will hope to regain an England squad place very soon.

6. And while we are on the subject of returning England defenders, how good was John Terry yesterday? Marauding forward after effortlessly winning the ball, he twice became Chelsea’s furthest player forward.

7. Say it quietly, but Benoit Assou-Ekotto looked like a Premier League full-back yesterday. In fact, in my opinion he outshone Gareth Bale. Clearly consistency is needed, but a great day for a player regarded as a weak link in the Spurs side.

8. When did Drogba turn so nice? Has he been on a course? For the last few months there have been no histrionics, shaking hands with players and referees, and general fair play. Jesus, yesterday he even passed back a penalty to Gomes. Gentleman.

9. It’s good to see Frank Lampard back. But maybe he should take those penalty duties off Drogba real soon.

10. Is Nicolas Anelka the most infuriating footballer ever? Poor first touch,dropping too deep, sulky attitude, blaming others for own mistakes, no regular goalscoring for months, awful World Cup, picked for club on reputation. The French Wayne Rooney?

  • woden

    Agree! BAE was a rock yesterday, and I am sometimes his fiercest critic. Disappointed with a draw cos they were there for the beating IMO, but overall many positives.

  • TonyRich

    I stick by Gomes, he was one of the reasons why we finished 4th last season. All keepers have made mistakes this season. Reina muffed up against Arsenal, etc… Gomes still suits the team, and grows as season goes on. BAE was good, but he still made some howlers and got away with them! The man plays on the edge! John Terry probably was man of the match. Spurs played pretty well overall, but struggled in attacking sense in second half, but due to injuries we didn’t have the options on the bench to change it. Dawson was pretty good, but understandably was a tad off the pace and perhaps a 100% fit Dawson would have delt with that long ball, and Drogba wouldn’t have scored from it. Lennon was good, Bale did some good running. Excellent finish from Pav, after quality play from Defoe (a shock assist) – it was a world class goal. Hutton was good too. And a special mention goes out to Sarge who rarely misplaced a pass – in fact, some of his passing was very positive and good. If you look across the team, the performances were good. Sadly Modric did not produce his traditional monumental performance against Chelsea.

  • graham

    I watched the Chelsea goal several times and if you look Gomes is going backwards thus his feet were not set . I am not sure why whether he thought Dawson would win the ball or his starting postion was just incorrect . Keepers advance and set themselves – he was going backwards and when Drogba shot earlier his balance was on the back foot hence the reason he could not save it . I think he is a good keeper – see last season – he just made a mistake yesterday .