Video: A referee finally fights back with Neil Warnock

Posted by - December 20, 2010 - Championship, Football videos

QPR boss meets his match official match

QPR boss Neil Warnock has turned haranguing referees into an art-form. But following his side’s 2-0 defeat to Leeds on Saturday, he found referee Scott Mathieson was more than a match for his tirade.

Cameras in the Elland Road tunnel caught Warnock vowing to show Mathieson “four in the second half” (we’re not sure if that was dodgy offside calls, bad fouls, decisions he got wrong or what).

Mathieson does his best to out-grump Warnock by prodding his finger in his general direction and responding: “Well I tell you what, I’ll show you four or five bad passes and all.”

Perhaps the League Managers Association will have to start holding disciplinary hearings for back-chat from refs!

  • Armchair White

    Can’t have been offsides, I don’t think QPR got forward enough to register 4 offside calls. I guess it must have been fouls, but Warnock may have a case with one tackle by Bradley Johnson…. but thats abt it.

    Hard fought game, but it wasn’t by any stretch a dirty match, and QPR’s reverse certainly was in no way down to the officiating.

    Mathieson was actually the best ref I’ve seen at a Leeds game this season. Obviously didn’t get absolutely EVERYTHING right, but didn’t make any real howlers, (which is a nice change at a LUFC match), let the game flow, kept his cards in his pocket for the most part, Had a good game on the whole.

    BTW, try this link for a better quality version of the tunnel incident –

  • bilby

    If I was a referee I’d punch Warnock out and mysteriously fail to spot the incident.

  • Simonfire1

    what a dingbat warnock made of himself there – he ran off like a playgroung coward