Video: Arsenal legend David ‘Safehands’ Seaman sets new Guinness World Record for highest catch taken

Posted by - December 10, 2010 - Football videos

Ex-England keeper enters the record books

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman has set a new Guinness World Record after catching a ball dropped 105metres from a crane. The retired England international teamed up with occasional rugby player Gavin Henson for the stunt at Wembley.

Seaman successfully caught a ball travelling out of the sky at terminal velocity. He then scaled the crane to lob the ball down to Henson, who matched his feat.

He said: “You could barely see the ground when you were up there. Henson looked like an ant!”

The pair could hardly have picked a worse day for their record attempt given the icy conditions and fog. But Seaman had remembered his old goalkeeping tips to ensure he didn’t go home disappointed.

He said: “A goalkeeper is always taught to ‘make their basket as big as possible'”

Just a shame his big basket couldn’t handle Ronaldinho from 30 yards.