Video: Brazilian player Viola headbutts ref during five-a-side masters match

Posted by - December 1, 2010 - Football videos, South America

When indoor football turns nasty

Masters matchers are usually jovial affairs dominated by the most recently retired players with the less advanced beer guts. But this veterans match between Botafogo and Corinthians lost any sense of fun when 41-year-old Viola headbutted the referee.

The ref gave a free-kick against Viola after a bit of jostling. It is the sort of free-kick given all the time in five-a-side games when it looks like the match might descend into a stalemate in the corner of the pitch. But the Botafogo player reacting angrily to the decision by barging the ref and then headbutting him.

OTP’s Portuguese isn’t the best, but we think we’re right in saying the commentator ‘full names’ him by way of telling off!

Spotted on 101GG