Video: Cercle Brugge fan proposes on the pitch. Gets rejected

Posted by - December 28, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs

Stadium-sized humiliation

This Belgian football fan had a bit of a dampener put on his Christmas festivities when he decided to propose on the pitch before the Boxing Day match against Standard Liege.

The chap, named Frank, was soon regretting his grand public gesture when girlfriend Natalie turned him down and did a runner.

The car crash moment was caught by Belgian TV cameras for your viewing pleasure! It does look a bit staged in places, but we haven’t worked out what anybody would get out of that just yet.

Spotted on 101GG

  • Boohoo

    Yeah, the girl doesn’t look natural at all to me. I suspect viral marketing. It’s hard to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of doing that kind of proposal unless you were 100% sure of the answer you were going to get.