Video: Linesman knocked to the ground by clearance, loses his wig!

Posted by - December 16, 2010 - Football videos, MLS & US

Double assistant ref FAIL

Our American cousins like to do things a bit differently. Take this video, for instance. Try to ignore the mind-boggling pitch markings (no wonder all the players look pretty ponderous – they’ve no idea where the touchline is).

Now try to work out why the linesman has got a whistle. When you have figured that one out, let us know if you can decide why he is wearing what – even from a distance – looks to be a particularly ropey toupee.

Then tell us he doesn’t get his comeuppance!

  • wykell

    The AR has a whistle because this is an American High School match, where they play a sport that vaguely but not quite resembles the game FIFA dictates in it’s Laws of the Game (high school see the LOTG as more of “guidelines” and writes their own rules). And for some reason, those rules call for 2 referees on the field, both with whistles, in what is known as the “dual system of control.” It is an absolute nightmare for both the players and the referees.

    And that isn’t a hair piece, it’s a baseball cap, which the referee shouldn’t be wearing, but again, it’s high school ball, so all bets are off when it comes to what is going on here.