Video: Manchester United players Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Ji-Sung Park flog Smirnoff vodka

Posted by - December 8, 2010 - Football videos, Manchester United

Russia 2018 looking more fun than ever

Remember, kids, if you want to captain England like Rio Ferdinand, or stay at the top for as long as Ryan Giggs, or – erm – look a bit pants as if you’ve only been bought to sell shirts to the Asian market but improve to the extent that you turn out to be a really good player like Ji-Sung Park, you need vodka.

All the top athletes are now recommending vodka as the way to succeed in sport. Not only will you become a world-beater, you’ll also be able to walk on water. Plus bathing in vodka is what caused Giggs’ hair regrowth.

This might be a new advert from Manchester United’s current crop, but the Red Devils players have been taking a pre-match dip in spirits since Paul McGrath’s day.