Video: Rio Ferdinand stars in SoccerXizer spoof advert

Posted by - December 16, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial, Manchester United

Meet the UK captain of the national team

Just yesterday we were moaning that England’s top footballers don’t get involved in enough ridiculous adverts. Well, we spoke to soon. This new viral, which you eventually find out is for energy company E-ON, might be lacking a bear but it’s certainly a bit different to your usual polished football ads.

The premise behind the viral is that the YouTube uploader’s mate spotted Rio Ferdinand on a dodgy infomercial channel while staying in a US hotel.

Rio, or Raul as the TV presenter likes to call him, is there to promote the SoccerXizer machine. The England skipper apparently “owes his career” to the monstrosity, which looks suspiciously like a cross-trainer with two footballs attached to it.

There is plenty of fun-poking in the direction of America via the clueless host and his various mix-ups with names and terminology. But the telephone number to order your very own SoccerXizer suggests a dig at someone a bit closer to home.