Video: Sergio Aguero’s son / Diego Maradona’s grandson has a hell of a right peg

Posted by - December 29, 2010 - Football videos, Spain

Isn’t genetics great?

If Diego Maradona is your grandad and Sergio Aguero is you dad, the odds of you being a decent footballer are stacked pretty heavily in your favour. Then again there is also the chance that you will become a coke fiend.

At less than two years old Benjamin Aguero seems to be heading more down the footballing route, you and social services will be pleased to hear.

For a toddler, he has fantastic eye-to-foot coordination and the power behind some of those first-time efforts are very impressive. Now grandad needs to work on the dribbling once young Benjamin is a bit steadier on his feet.

Sergio said: “Benjamin likes to play a lot. I must admit it’s in his blood. When it comes to choosing toys, the ball is his favourite so we can play together. He kicks it hard for his age.”

The Atletico Madrid star posted the video on his official website.

  • Mohamed Al Saadoon

    The only thing I could say is “D’AWWW”