Video: Wayne Rooney’s sly off the ball kick at Marouane Chamakh

Posted by - December 16, 2010 - Arsenal, Football videos, Manchester United

Naughty boy (again)

Can you commit a professional foul in your own half with most of your team-mates behind the ball?!

Wayne Rooney had a good go. He tripped Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh as the Gunners threatened to launch a counter attack into Manchester United’s half.

Chamakh is really unlucky that Rooney was on target on this occasion!

Video via 101GG

  • DanS

    Ha ha love it

  • goon

    rooney and othe manU. stars…are all arrogant….they cheat to win…of course webb is so shit refree…even if fetcher barges into him…he does nothing….impotent refrees scared of manu…if arsenal do same….they cheat…if manu does it…its smart/naughty….sir alex mst be presiding over cheating lessons