Andy Carroll – biggest ever Geordie lightweight?

Posted by - January 8, 2011 - All News, Newcastle United, Oddballs, Rumours

Wor Andy drinking like a Mackem

The Daily Mirror is today claiming that Andy Carroll’s current thigh injury has been caused by the England striker falling off a bar stool in a casino when drunk at 5am.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to actually read the story, but obvious to say it includes ridiculously suggestive language such as: potent, writhing, agony, slumped, and smashed.

Clearly, if there are any indications that the story is actually true then it would be embarassing for the striker, who doesn’t exactly have a squeaky clean record.

What will make the story infinitely more ashaming is the list of drinks that Carroll is said to have had in order to be in such a state.

“Witnesses saw him slump down with his head in his hands after four jagerbombs and one Peroni”

Dear God, Andy. You will be a laughing stock man.

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