Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football betting tips for 29-30 January

Posted by - January 28, 2011 - Betting, FA Cup, Predictions, Premier League

Punter Dan wins you money for free…again

Another profit made last week, with £55 return on our money. Would have been greater if Livingston’s game hadn’t fallen foul of the weather (and they’d won), but profit all the same.

Back to the glory of the FA Cup this week, juxtaposed with a few standard bets from foreign shores (and by that I mean Scotland).

So although we made profit last week it could have been so much more. Nipped down to the bookies on Monday to stake one English pound at 1000/1 that the first words on Monday Night Football would be “Clean yourself up girls, pull your pants up and stick a pie in the oven, because MNF is back.” To be fair I’m guessing that halfway through last week you’d have got the same odds on Richard Keys being heard to say the phrase “hanging out the back of.”

Assuming we have now seen the end of the Soccerette feature on Soccer AM because it’s degrading, Top Gear because of their misogynistic effervescence, and Loose Women because it’s effing dreadful? I’ll take one out of three.
£10 on Sheffield Wednesday, Swansea, Rotherham and Chesterfield gets you £60

Fans of Twitter (and its @daniel_otp for the shameless plug) will have been treated to the biggest stitch up of the week, with the Guardian hinting that we were essentially heading for an apocalypse before announcing that Inter would probably offer for Bale. In the summer. I have been privy to a few anticlimaxes in my time (just ask Sarah Jones, Louise Thompson, Michelle Henderson etc) but that took the biscuit. So this weekend I can exclusively reveal:

I’ll get sh*t drunk, trying to forget all friends & family apart from spirits with names in their title. It’s major and boy do I mean it. #addictionoverdictionbysunday

How’s that for 140 characters.
£10 on Hearts, Dundee, Livingston and Forfar to win gets you £88

Was forced by her indoors (I’m not sexist, just bitter) to watch the culmination of ‘Most Annoying People 2010’ this week. Do you know who won? The England football team. For a woeful World Cup performance. That is what it has come to. Not content with only liking our precious game every four years because “it’s the World Cup and En-ger-land are playin”, our fairer sex has now allowed our footballers to be treated like celebrities to such an extent that they adorn the pages of Grazia, Glamour and Now. F*cking leave them alone. You created Jedward, you put Akon at the top of the charts, and you provided Kerry Katona with more fame than her nose can take.

Can’t you at least leave us something. We want to be the ones to call our footballers shite, not some jumped up entertainment columnist from the Daily Star. So jog on, I think another kid has fallen from Jordan’s undercarriage.
£5 on Lazio and Port Vale to win, Porto to win at -1.5 gets you £55
£10 on Inter, Manchester City and Hertha Berlin gets you £40
£5 on Bendtner and Scott Sinclair to score anytime gets you £22

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