Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football betting tips for 15-16 January

Posted by - January 14, 2011 - Betting, Predictions, Premier League

Dalglish to win the derby, Messi and Ron to score, and so long to our friend Robbie

Another £20+ week of profit last time out, making that six weeks out of seven. So read on, dear friends, read on…

Funny old week for football. First of all we had the saga of David Beckham training with Spurs. I’ll be honest with you, this dirty dog doesn’t care too much for ‘Arry Redders. I think it is that sort of “i’ll carve you ap san” accent and attitude, when his actual birth son dollies around on a white beach with that bird from Eternal. If Harry was actually as he appears, his son would be Danny Dyer, and would presumably therefore be locked up for infanticide. Leaves a sour taste in the mouth quite frankly. Anyway, Sir God of Beckhamshire could commit and act of faeces on my lounge floor and I’d offer to eat it, so fair play to ‘Arry’s ‘Otspurs.
£10 on Man City to win to nil, Liverpool and Leeds to win gets you £74

One thing that most certainly is not fair game (unlike Veronica Corningstone) is the ticker tape on Sky Sports News surrounding the whole affair. “Beckham breaks down with injury”. He is replacing his blister plaster you dizzy woman and dizzy man. I haven’t heard such an overreaction since the missus refuted my claims that strippers aren’t real humans, and therefore it couldn’t be cheating. Don’t get me started.
£10 on Rangers at 1.5 on Asian handicap, Bangor HT/FT, and Barcelona -2.5 gets you £55

Finally, spare a thought for poor Robbie Savage (friend of the site, if you were unaware). Turns out that the defeat to non-league Crawley was such a blow that he is looking to move to Vancouver Whitecaps. Shame, just as the MLS was beginning to get some kudos. Had a word with my mates William and Victor, but they were unable to give me odds on him appearing in a Canadian soft porn film dressed as a Mountie performing a Mountie, long blonde locks ruffled by a wind machine. I’d have taken 3/1.
£5 on Carlos Tevez first goalscorer gets you £20
£5 on Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Adam Le Fondre to score anytime gets you £21
£5 on Rotherham, Watford and Stevenage all to win gets you £33