‘Do Are Ya? Manchester United star Anderson lives for his dreadlocks

Posted by - January 24, 2011 - 'Do Are Ya?, Manchester United

You know your hairstyle means too much when…

Manchester United midfielder Anderson has revealed he won’t be shaving off his dreadlocks any time soon. It turns out he is rather attached to his distinctive ‘do.

While his manager Sir Alex Ferguson might disagree on footballing grounds, ‘Samson’ Anderson reckons removing his dreads would be tantamount to chopping his legs off.

The Brazilian midfielder said: “There is no chance I would ever consider having all my hair cut off. My hair is my life.

“It’s so important to me. If you cut off my hair, it is like cutting out my heart or cutting off my legs. I would cry for days and days.”

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand gets an idea for a new merk.

  • Bob Marley

    Shame he doesn’t have dreads then.