Is our hatred of Blackburn boss Steve Kean irrational?

Posted by - January 5, 2011 - Blackburn Rovers, Ranting and Raving

OTP’s new least favourite Prem manager

We have a confession to make. OTP discovered this morning that it has a severe disliking of Blackburn Rovers caretaker manager Steve Kean.

The suspicions that we weren’t his biggest fans were already there, but the lightbulb moment came when we read that he is planning a one-to-one meeting with Ronaldinho to fathom out the Brazilian star’s motivations once and for all.

The thought that immediately went through our head? You’re just off to get his autograph, you chancer!

Stories of caretakers promoted from within an existing coaching set-up have a habit of (generally) not ending happily. There is always something slightly Machiavellian about a guy who was essentially working for, in some cases hired by, the manager he is replacing.

And there was something particularly sinister about Kean’s promotion. Sam Allardyce had been performing well in his role, and the club was certainly not punching below its weight. That made it even more bizarre that the new owners decided to suddenly entrust their club to a man whose coaching career up to that point had largely involved chaperoning Chris Coleman in his not always successful managerial posts.

Little wonder that some media outlets smelt a rat.

Steve Bruce’s reaction to Sunderland’s victory over Blackburn at the weekend added further ammunition. He dedicated the result to Allardyce.

Bruce added: “I’m very pleased. He’ll not enjoy his team getting turned over like that but for him, what’s happened to him, I’m absolutely delighted.”

Plus, as indicated by the photo above, when he wears a suit he looks like he has just walked out of court after getting off a GBH charge on a technicality.

So is our dislike of Kean justified or irrational? Does anyone have love for Kean?

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    Why don’t you just grow up you moron go and support burnley you sound like a typicle dingle.Get behind your team instead of keep putting them down you idiot.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Blackburn fan. I think I’d have could cause not to like him if I was and irrationality wouldn’t come into it!

  • Random Particle

    Hate him? – No
    Rate him? – No
    Chancer? – Yes


    Oh my god he does not wear a suit well he must be a bad manager.

  • Guest

    wot? re-read that.

  • Thebadwolf

    After watching Rovers destroy Liverpool tonight in our most attacking game of football in two years, I am starting to rate Kean a lot more highly. More than the kop rate likeable uncle Roy. I do dispute the idea that Blackburn should be grateful for mid table finishes achieved under Allardyce. Yes he saved us from relegation, but it was still a backwards step after the Hughes era.

  • Johnptsmith

    the english are getting more and more cynical,sorry for themselves,jingoistic etc etc.
    is it because there isn’t any hugely successful english managers?
    some meaningful discussion would be good!

  • D23lr

    I HATE Steve Kean!!!!!!!! Never rated him and never will!!!!!!! We beat a second rate ,(the worst team in red for years!!!!!!!), Liverpool that night. Come back BIG SAM!!!!!!! VENKY’S OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Abuch

    He doesnt come across well in his interviews at all and there is something about him that is just annoying. I`d be very surprised if he is still at Blackburn Rovers next season.Ps I`m not even a supporter just a football fan.

  • Thinking Straight

    I don’t hate Kean, I don’t know him.  I do, however, know that he is completely tactically inept, extremely naive and is not the right man for the Rovers job. 

    I know others have reasons to loathe him on a personal basis in their dealings with him but I don’t.  His spirit is admirable yet he is still nowhere near the correct manager that could lead the club forward.  We need an experienced head to settle things down and Venky’s should know that as business people.

    Turning to Venky’s……..what an absolute car crash.  I know there are problems with Kean but believe you me, it is the internal running of the club from the top which will lead to our eventual demise.  Never before have I heard such lacklustre goings on at the club and I am afraid, very afraid and so should all Rovers fans be as well.

    Kean is a problem and needs to go, the Venky’s are a bigger problem and need hounding out ASAP…..want to protest? It needs to be aimed at Venky’s…..That is the route of all of our problems, Kean is just a pawn that is being crudely exposed by his king….

  • Stebaron

    Steve Kean is a wanker. He is the worst manager we’ve ever had in our history, and not only do I want HIM out, I want that f*ck*ng whore, Anuradha Desai out as well! She is simply not fit to own Ewood Park. I could just print out lots of photographs with Anuradha Desai on them with the word ‘WHORE’ in front and stick it all over Ewood. Maybe that will help make the world a better place. We asked her time and time and time again to sack Kean, but she just doesn’t give a f*ck! GET STEVE KEAN OUT AND BRING MARK HUGHES BACK IN!!! Steve Kean is just a total waste of time, but Anuradha Desai is even worse! She knows absolutely f*ck all about football. She doesn’t give a crap about the team. All she wants to do is just make a chicken farm and a laughing stock out of Rovers. As a die-hard Rovers fan, I am going to do everything I can to put it right. I am going to keep flaming Mrs Desai the stupid bitch until she can’t stand it any longer and will want to leave the club and sell it. If Venky’s knows what’s good for them, they can sell it to a decent billionaire like Malcom Glazier or Ken Bates. I’d also like to send a letter to the FA, not only to get Kean out but more importanly get rid of Anuradha Desai the stupid whore! Oh, and there’s another thing, Jimmy Saville passed away last week. If he was still alive, I’d want him to take over at Blackburn so HE could fix it for our beloved club. If Jimmy Saville was still alive, I’d replace that slut Anuradha Desai for a much more decent man like Jimmy. Also if he was still alive, he’d sack Kean straight away and bring in a much more decent manager. So FA, PLEASE HURRY UP and rectify this situation of the mistake of introducing this jealous cruel bitch. SACK HER FOREVER. She will not be enhancing Blackburn Rovers any longer and will never add to the TRADITION AND HISTORY of one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL teams in Premiership history BLACKBURN ROVERS!!!

    FA Please get Anuradha Desai and Steve Kean out and replace them with Mark Hughes and a much more decent chairman, thank you.

    Best Wishes

    Professor Ratigan