Leo Messi tells FHM about Barca training sessions, cruelly pipped to cover by Nicole Scherzinger

Posted by - January 8, 2011 - Adverts and Commercial

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Did you indulge a bit too much over Christmas? We suspected as much – OTP was equally guilty. But we find it hard to believe that Little Lionel Messi got stuck in to too many mince pies. The unstoppable Barcelona star would surely have shunned the Christmas pudding and brandy custard in favour of something a little healthier.  

Despite this distinct advantage over us mere mortals, he has been drafted in by FHM to give you some tips on getting back into shape in 2011 (maybe scrap the 'back'!).

The January edition of the magazine, which is on sale now, comes with a FREE FHM Bionic magazine. The supplement features tips and advice from sporting professionals on how to shed the pounds and get yourself in peak condition. 

That includes information from Messi on the fitness and training regime of a top professional footballer.

In an exclusive interview, the Barca maestro gives the lowdown on his training programme and also gives some pointers on what it takes to become the best player on the planet. You know, in case you fancied a change of career for the new year too as well as a new slimline figure.

The Argentina international explains what goes on at a typical Barcelona training session – apparently they don't just watch Xavi and Iniesta pass the ball back and forth – and reveals some of his personal trade secrets by describing the skill exercises he undertakes to ensure he is always at the top of his game.  

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