Liverpool defender Glen Johnson speaks out on toilet seat theft

Posted by - January 8, 2011 - Liverpool

Liverpool defender thought Jeremy Beadle was behind his arrest

It’s been a busy day on Twitter for Liverpool’s Glen Johnson. After his now deleted rant at Paul Merson, the England right-back has now regaled his followers with his version of the events which led to him being arrested for shoplifting a toilet seat from B&Q.

He gave an overview of the 2007 incident, which saw him handed an £80 on-the-spot fine by police officers called to the Portsmouth store, over the course of six tweets before signing off for the evening ahead of his side’s FA Cup clash with Manchester United tomorrow.

He tweeted:

“How many of you actually know what happened about the toilet seat story??? Know one beacause know one has ever heard me talk about it.”

“I went bbq with a mate who bought a bathroom set but it didn’t have a slow close toilet seat so he changed it over then we went to paid…”

“We didn’t know this toilet seat was £3 more expensive until the guy said, so we offered to pay the difference. But the guy was like u…”

“Have been caught trying to shop lift etc. We bust out laughing expecting Jeremy Beadle to jump up from behind the till. The guy…”

“was buzzin to make a scene and called the police. That’s the story. What sort of thiefs go thru the checkout to pay haha come on.”

“The guy just wanted 5 mins of fame and that’s it.”

So that clears that up: framed by a fame-hungry Jeremy Beadle wannabe.