Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish wants to talk about facts

Posted by - January 11, 2011 - Liverpool

It’s deja vu all over again

It is just over two years to the day since Rafa Benitez made arguably his most infamous public outburst as Liverpool manager. The Spaniard’s ‘Facts’ rant against Sir Alex Ferguson has taken its place among the great managerial diatribes.

Liverpool fans loved him for sticking it to Fergie, everyone else thought he was cracking under strain.

It is interesting then that new Reds caretaker boss Kenny Dalglish has marked the anniversary of Rafa’s rant by declaring that he too wants to talk about facts. Benitez wanted to talk about facts rather than impressions, whereas Dalglish has had enough of romance.

He said: “We have to manage expectations. At the moment it is a wee bit romantic, isn’t it?

“The romance is brilliant, for me to be back, and for some of the supporters as well. But this game is not built on romance, it’s built on hard facts. The hard facts of the matter is that we have to start winning games. Once we get the romantics out of the road, we can get to work. This club has never been about the individual, it’s about the collective.”

Easier said than done, Kenny. Especially on a temporary basis. You’ll struggle to rip down all the romantic banners at Anfield before the end of the season, let alone shift the romantics themselves!

We suspect Dalglish is mainly referring to romanticism about his own return but we think he could afford to make his statement a bit more sweeping, and manage expectations at the club in general. Perhaps it takes a club legend to break it gently.

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  • RedNProud

    Rafa’s facts got the backing of several premiership managers but that didn’t fit with the “We love Alex” media, so it was reported as a rant. If you think that it was a diatribe, it’s obvious that you never actually listened to what he said because his “facts” stand up to scrutany. So the first part of the article is just rehashed garbage.

    There is and always will be “romanticism” when a popular manager returns to a club but that has nothing to do with expectations. Liverpool fans expect the club to be the best and there’s nothing wrong in that and they have always supported the club in trying to get back to the top.

    Roy was an exception because many fans believed that he was trying to lower our expectations to those of a mid-table club