Liverpool’s Glen Johnson rips into ‘alcoholic drug abuser’ Paul Merson

Posted by - January 8, 2011 - Liverpool, Oddballs

Johnson’s Twitter page – not to be snorted at

Another day and another footballer with a 140 character vendetta to publish. Last week, Robbie Savage assaulted OTP with a tweet declaring us ‘a pile of !’ and Aldershot Town’s Marvin Morgan decided the public forum was the perfect place to wish that his booing fans would ‘all die’. Next up on the carousel of crass outbursts is Liverpool player and part-time defender Glen Johnson.

Johnson took particular umbrage to Paul Merson having the sheer cheek to suggest on Soccer Saturday that the 26-year-old was one of Liverpool’s poorest performers under Roy Hodgson’s regime. At this point, Johnson waived the seemingly cliche method of slagging off Merson to a mate or taking the criticism on the chin. No, he thought it best to voice his reply to 38,000 strong ‘tweeps’.

He tweeted:

“Comments from alcoholic drug abusers are not really gonna upset me and who is Paul Merson to judge players, he was average at the best of times,”

“The only reason he’s on that show is coz he gambled all his money away. The clown!”

So Glen went with the triple-threat offence here – brandishing Merson an alcoholic, a drug abuser and a gambler. Merson’s past indiscretions are well-documented, of course, but to castigate an individual who has had the courage to rehabilitate himself and rebuild his life since is rather shameful.

Merson’s punditry is certainly a touch ropey – calling a well-worked team goal from Bolton last month ‘the best I have ever seen’ is just the tip of the ice-berg. By all means lay in to him for that – ‘Merson-isms’ are an important part of the glue that hold conversations in pubs together nowadays.

But suggesting his opinions are totally redundant because of personal failings more than a decade ago is imbecilic. At his best he was a man of mesmeric talent, and a valued and respected servant at all his clubs. Not that it counted for much as far as Johnson is concerned. It is little suprise that his comments were deleted within hours of posting.

For our money, Merson’s criticism of the England international is well-founded and pretty obvious. For Kenny Dalglish’s sake, it’s about time he realised this and bucked up his ideas. Johnson needs to start doing his tweeting talking on the pitch.

  • Andy

    from what I’ve read, kevindaviesbwfc is quite interesting… its a shame that Johnson spouting crap like this is going to encourage all clubs to impose a twitter ban

  • Andy

    from what I’ve read, kevindaviesbwfc is quite interesting… its a shame that Johnson spouting crap like this is going to encourage all clubs to impose a twitter ban

  • KennyIsBack

    It’s hilarious that someone as deluded as Glen Johnson actually dares to say that Merson was ‘average at the best of times’. Merson was a dazzling talent, who achieved great success – and won many more trophies than Johnson ever has or will – whilst living through his addictions. To paraphrase a well-worn saying, Johnson isn’t fit or sober to lace Merse’s boots. Glen, you’re an idiot and you have been rubbish for two seasons. Embarrassingly so.

  • Ray Dunn

    Glen Johnson should not have reacted, but then again Merson hates Liverpool and is loving every minute of the current situation. From the reaction of people, I take it that Johnson’s accusations are inaccurate?????

  • Pabloeldiablo

    its the closest he’s come to tackling a player in months… to be fair, when robbie savage called your blog sh*t the other day, their must’ve been at least one person in the OTP office who called him a “yellow toothed afghan hound c*nt”

  • Dessie71

    Get out of it. Merson attacked, through the medium of television and Johnson retaliated through the medium of twitter. Is what either of them said wrong? Probably not. But if you live by the sword you die by the sword and lets be honest…. neither of them were blessed when God was handing out brains and intellect.

  • Mark

    Johnsons right.

    Merson is a CUNT!

    Along with the majority of the fucking media and ex players…they spout the same bullshit every time…they have a fucking clue…just look at that utter total mother fucker Andy Gray and his complete and utter bullshit about Zonal Marking (not that he even had that right – as Liverpool never used a pure Zonal Marking system) – what a talentless CUNT!

    The English Media is made up of fat stupid lazy cunts! Who have never played a game of football in their life. And bitter jealous ex players who were all total failures as managers.

  • Mark

    You are clearly one of the fat mother fucking traitorous cunts who got us into this mess in the first place with you total lack of knowledge on the game! Fuck off and support the chavs you arsehole!

  • Stu

    It amazes me that some people leave comments that show how ignorant they are. To the gentlemen ( I use this word loosley) that decide that swearing is the only way to get their point across; perhaps you should write a calm response to the article then people may take you seriously.

    Paul Merson was a great player who unfortunately ended up with serious substance abuse. He was man enough to rehabilate and put his life back together. He may not be the most articulate of people but he is accurate about Glen Johnson. Mr Johnson has let himself down and Liverpool down with his recent displays. He is a better player than he had shown this season. Perhaps King Kenny can get him to perform along with rest of team, if not the unthinkable may happen to Liverpool just as it did to Nottingham Forest.