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Manchester United star Javier Hernandez framed in ’35 years’ jibe at Manchester City

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  • Ste

    replace with “£1bn crippling debt”

  • Ste

    replace with “£1bn crippling debt”

  • ming the merciless

    awww bless….don’t worry little mexican guy……it wont matter very soon cos all sad reds will have to start at 1………….ha ha

  • Concerned

    Aaaaah. Poor little shit bean. They conned him

  • bluesharx

    scruffy little greasy taco eating t*at!!!!!!!!

  • John Tamburri


  • M Beany

    35,000 mexicans killed in the past year.
    He’s next.

  • Dannyj88

    the comments stated below are by characters who are purely DICKS , IE TROPHY-LESS MAN CITY FANS

  • MUFC

    get in hernandez, show those city c*nts how long it is, 35 years f*ck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MUFC

    if u even get close it wud be a miracle, u know city don’t meet there goals, its 35 years since u did, do u know how to

  • MUFC

    u tell them!!!!!!!!!!! 35 years f*ck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u money grabbin bas*ards!!!!!!!!!!!!! u don’t win trophies with money

  • MUFC

    Hernandez is a legend and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!! best striker in the world at the minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ballotelli is a c*nt

  • Ralf Khan