Manchester United star Javier Hernandez framed in ’35 years’ jibe at Manchester City

Posted by - January 14, 2011 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Who framed Chicharito?

Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez has been set-up in an apparent dig at Manchester City fans. A photo has begun circulating which allegedly shows the Mexican sensation holding a piece of paper featuring the slogan: “35 years.”

The phrase is regularly used by United supporters to taunt their City rivals over the length of time they have gone without silverware.

While taking photos of himself rubbing City’s faces in it might endear Hernandez to the Old Trafford faithful even more than his performances on the pitch, the image is a Photoshop fraud.

In fact, it looks remarkably similar to a photograph OTP brought you in July which Chicharito posted on the Internet to discredit fake Twitter accounts in his name. Click here to see the original.

Fans of irony will enjoy the fact that a photo posted by Hernandez to avoid misrepresentation has been digitally enhanced to do just that!

  • Ste

    replace with “£1bn crippling debt”

  • Ste

    replace with “£1bn crippling debt”

  • ming the merciless

    awww bless….don’t worry little mexican guy……it wont matter very soon cos all sad reds will have to start at 1………….ha ha

  • Concerned

    Aaaaah. Poor little shit bean. They conned him

  • bluesharx

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  • M Beany

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  • Dannyj88

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  • MUFC

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  • MUFC

    if u even get close it wud be a miracle, u know city don’t meet there goals, its 35 years since u did, do u know how to

  • MUFC

    u tell them!!!!!!!!!!! 35 years f*ck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u money grabbin bas*ards!!!!!!!!!!!!! u don’t win trophies with money

  • MUFC

    Hernandez is a legend and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!! best striker in the world at the minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ballotelli is a c*nt

  • Ralf Khan