OTP Podcast: Episode 10 – Eat It Like Beckham

Posted by - January 27, 2011 - Podcast

You and the OTP Podcast – go together like leather and ready salted

The Off The Post Podcast is much like female assistant referee Sian Massey: its knowledge of the game is questioned by some, it causes divisions in footballing circles, and (as far as we know) Andy Gray isn’t a fan.

In this week’s show we’ll be flagging a number of issues for offside: how David Beckham eats his crisps, an Argentinean barbecue brawl, a Brazilian stretcher lifting lesson, and why Carlo Ancelotti can’t even stand up to an old woman, let alone Roman Abramovich.

Add to this a round-up of all of the weekend’s best Premier League action, including Freddie Piquionne’s beautiful teeth and Ali Al-Habsi’s broken arms, and an in-depth match analysis of Madron FC’s biggest game of the season so far (complete with exclusive interview with midfield general Big John Spencer), and you’ve got enough to keep Andy Gray busy on his way to the job centre before he goes and signs on with his magic electronic pen.

Vlogging a dead horse

Raul Meireles shouldn’t really be volleying it from there. But as football fans we’re glad that he did.

Carlo Ancelotti after his embarrassing seat mix-up: “The old lady told me to move and I did what I was told. She’s notorious around these parts you know. You should have seen what she did to a father of four after he sat in her seat at the theatre last year. Terrifying.”

West Brom’s Gabriel Tamas after his spectacular own goal: “I’ve been wanting to play in a more advanced position for some time now, and it was the only way of proving to the gaffer that I can be a lethal finisher inside the box. I’m thrilled with my performance.”

New member of the OTP knighthood Robin van Persie proving that he is a man of many talents. And that he makes erotic noises whenever he throws an arrow.

Lift with the legs, not with the back. Or as they say in Brazil: turn your back to the object, try and lift it only with your fingertips, and then sit on it.

Looks like Kevin Muscat is back to his old tricks with this horror tackle. The offensiveness of the challenge is only outdone by the size of pundit Mark Bosnich’s forehead.

The players of Argentinian sides Estudiantes and Banfield proving that there is no such thing as a friendly. Even when it’s staged in a park, there are no rowdy fans present, and there is an amicable barbecue arranged for afterwards. We can’t wait till this lot play a game that actually matters.

Eric Cantona showing that he has the unnerving ability to create controversy, even when he isn’t being controversial.

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