OTP Podcast: Episode 8 – FA Cup Bromance

Posted by - January 12, 2011 - Podcast

Like waking up inside Paul Jewell

The OTP Podcast is like an FA Cup minnow that never makes much progress in the competition. It has little history, lacks any real quality, and is run by part-timers, but it does get some support from the neutral – more out of pity than anything else.

Episode 8 is our bumper-edition FA Cup special and we’ve managed to serve up a few upsets, such as: Felipe Melo teaching Serie A a thing or two about Kung-Fu, O’Leary v Ibrahimovic fight night, a Mick McCarthy-based role play, and our suggestions for how to bring some much-needed romance back to the FA Cup.

Add to this a full round up of the rest of the weekend’s cup action, an in-depth look at ITV’s suspect coverage, an interview with Madron FC manager Alan Davenport, and you’ve got yourself all the ingredients for a cracking audio third round tie. If that isn’t enough to make the back end of the highlights reel then I don’t know what is.

Bring the Pod to life by watching these simultaneously. Multi-tasking

Kyle Walker doing what all loyal football fans do-score against your boyhood team within minutes of making your debut for another club.

Neil Warnock telling it like it is. For once.

Highlights of the performance that earned Burton Albion’s Shaun Harrad a place at the OTP Round Table. But the burning question is, is he wearing a gum guard or are his teeth really that white?

Juventus Midfielder Felipe Melo on his kung-fu kick: “I just wanted to prove to everyone that my stamp on Arjen Robben at the World Cup wasn’t a fluke and that I can do this sort of thing on a consistent basis. It’s an element of my game that I’ve been working on.”

Porto’s Freddie Guarin hitting a strike faster than the speed of Sam Allardyce putting away a 12 pack of Danish pastries. Incredible goal.

O’Leary v Ibrahimovich Fight Night in the UAE. One’s a bit overweight and past it, and the other’s in good shape and likes to talk the talk. Its like Harrison-Haye all over again.

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