Robbie Savage does a Schteeve McClaren, asks Roberto Mancini to sign him

Posted by - January 14, 2011 - Championship, Football videos, Manchester City

Roberto Savaggio

OTP bully Robbie Savage fell into the old British trap, which spectacularly snared Steve McClaren, of mimicking a foreign accent despite the fact you’re talking in English. The Derby midfielder (for now – we’re considering chasing him out of town to Canada or somewhere suitably far flung) unleashed his own brand of Engtalian during a pre-match interview – we use the term loosely – with Roberto Mancini before last Sunday’s FA Cup clash between Manchester City and Leicester.

Having spent the entire conversation talking English in an Italian accent, Savage swaps for the final question and decides to speak Italian in an English accent instead. The blonde bombshell asked ex-teammate Mancini to sign him for Manchester City.

No shame.