Robbie Savage kicks off on OTP

Posted by - January 5, 2011 - Championship, Oddballs

Is nobody safe from Sav’s Twitter attacks?

Off The Post has found itself the subject of an unlikely Twitter tirade from Robbie Savage this afternoon. The Derby County midfielder took exception to our post suggesting that frustrated Rams fans were well within their rights to boo their side during the 0-0 draw with Millwall.

Savage tweeted us to say: “rubbish blog !! Booing your own team is counter productive!! How naive are you !! @offthepost is a pile of!Put that in your blog.”

The ex-Premier League footballer also said: “what has the price of a ticket got to do if people boo or not !! Support your own team through thick and thin !”

Showing more restraint that those featured in the video below, OTP offered Savage the opportunity to set out his case on the counter-productivity of booing in our Guest Post January feature, telling him he could call us “a pile of” whatever he liked without fear of censorship.

But Sav was having none of it, tweeting “with you no” and – seemingly forgetting his earlier tweet – “I have manners.”

God bless that entertaining yet crazed Twitter fiend.

  • Serena

    He is a complete twat. I seethe with anger whenever I hear his voice.

  • Tim Brookes

    This is brilliant. I can’t stand Robbie Savage, he’s a prick on the radio and he used to play for Birmingham City. I especially like 0.22 in the video where we see Robbie repeatedly hit in the face.

  • Ramshateforest

    The sooner that prancing waste of space is out of derby the better, never have wanted the diving cheating rubbish at our club….

    get lost savage


  • hollis

    Fantastic vid.

    I was growing to appreciate the aged twat for his sheer idiocy. And then he says, “what has the price of a ticket got to do if people boo or not !!”

    Nice reminder that he is that far out of touch with reality. Yes, Mr. Savage, fans pay to sit near enough to you to bask in your glory. May the effervescent light you extrude permeate those who attend and remind them that they are lucky to be in the presence of one of the all time footballing greats. It’s not like they contribute to your wages by being there. That would mean they have a right to demand a strong effort every time you lace your boots up.

  • Derby Ram

    It costs a fortune to go to watch Derby with kids in tow. We don’t all get paid the silly money of Robbie Savage who does next to sweet f.a. Glad he thinks that people have money to burn in hard times. What a prize prat. Put in a transfer request Robbie, Clough will put a word in for you at Burton Albion.

  • Trickygirlred

    Wot a twat!!!! Hate the tosser so much. Savage ur a joke!!!

  • Stuart Otterson

    Does that mean OTP has made it big now?

  • Stuart Otterson

    While I find he can be twattish, at the same time I find there to be something rather endearing.

  • Average chat

    Do you ever not act like a complete twat? Your comments always have very little visible thought process behind them, with nothing being added intellectually, or banterously. A complete waste of space mate.