Scunthorpe miss the ‘S’ off their name in calendar FAIL

Posted by - January 6, 2011 - Championship, Oddballs

Happy New Year, fans

Scunthorpe have proved why they are the only football club you are likely to get moderated for mentioning in a blog comments section.

The Iron’s £12.99 personalised club calendar unwittingly gave supporters some abuse when they flicked to September. An advertising board which should have featured the recipients name followed by the slogan “Scunthorpe United No1 Fan” had the ‘S’ missing from the club’s name.

The club blamed a printing error and has since sent those affected by the glitch a sticker to cover up the offensive message!

Jamie Muir, pictured above with his calendar, said: “I had to rub my eyes. I thought I was seeing things. Initially, I thought the publishers had made a mistake with mine.

“But then I got a letter and a sticker. They asked us to put it over the mistake, but I reckon I’ll keep it as it is!”

The club’s grovelling apology letter made reference to a “slight spelling mistake”!

Thanks to OTP reader Tom Commins for the tip.

  • awallafashagba

    It was going to happen 1 day wasn’t it !

  • Stuart Otterson

    I love the fact that they sent stickers to cover up the mistake. It’s an amusingly charming low budget solution compared to doing a recall. :)