Top 10 conclusions Premier League New Year fixtures

Posted by - January 3, 2011 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. No doubt about the highlight of the weekend: Chelsea’s celebration after John Terry’s goal.

2. Rafael Van Der Vaart and Gareth Bale even do deflected free-kicks stylishly.

3. Peter Odemwingie and Carlos Tevez seem to have been working with the same penalty-taking coach.

4. Arsene Wenger is not very pleased about Roger Johnson and Cesc Fabregas’s membership of the Eduardo Injury Re-enactment Society.

5. James Morrison has chosen 2011 as the year he trades in pop balladry for corking volleys.

6. Wayne Rooney has found he can score from open play in 2011, unlike 2010. Alas, ankle injuries span the years.

7. West Ham will reflect that the festive period was bloody brilliant for them, just as soon as they get over the disappointment of finding out they don’t actually get six points for beating Wolves.

8. It’s a tough call between Ronald Zubar and Phil Jagielka in the most ridiculous own goal of the weekend stakes. Jags might just about pip it.

9. Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres begin their quest to save Liverpool from humiliation. If only the Liverpool bench had faith in them – the coaching staff’s heads visibly dropped when Bolton took the lead.

10. You’ve got to love Steve Bruce dedicating Sunderland’s thrashing of Blackburn to Sam Allardyce.

  • Alex Ferguson

    That celebration was incredible, I think every single Chelsea thought as that moment that this was it, they would now go on and win the league and John Terry would get a knighthood, 2 minutes later and the look on Terry’s face, PURE GOLD!!!


  • Andy

    How about Cahill being nowhere near Torres when he scored? And he’s supposed to be on everyone’s shopping list.

    It was a surprisingly decent pass from Gerrard, but if Cahill is supposed to be a ‘top-4’ player he’ll need to be able to handle the top strikers.

  • Stu T

    What about the goal celebration by anton Ferdinand and gyan? Pure class lol