Top 10 Conclusions: West Ham 0 – 3 Arsenal

Posted by - January 15, 2011 - Arsenal, Conclusions, Premier League, West Ham

A class apart…

1. However ugly the journey, and however mishandled the situation, the end result is correct. Grant’s time has come. By the time you are reading this he will probably already have gone. Grant’s winning percentage in the Premier League since leaving Chelsea is just 19%. It’s just not good enough.

2. Is there a better team in the world (apart from Barcelona) at rubbing your face in it when you are down than Arsenal. Passing supremacy. The only criticism could be that they could have had six.

3. Surely Martin O’Neill must have had third and fourth helpings of those second thoughts he is reported to have had this week. A mammoth task if he takes the opportunity.

4. If a manager’s job is to energise and inspire the players, Avram failed his task. West Ham lacked belief, passion and desire, seemingly from the first whistle.

5. When was the last time you saw four examples of people asleep at a football match? Doesn’t say too much for the atmosphere down at the Boleyn.

6. It’s taken until number six to point it out, but was that the worst debut in the Premier League? Wayne Bridge gave Walcott time for the first goal, was static for the second, and rashly challenged for the third. Went off with cramp, but surely pride was hurt more than legs. Ninety grand a week. Jesus H Christ.

7. Cesc Fabregas had more touches on the ball than the entire four-man West Ham midfield in the first half. Scott Parker was missed, but miracle worker he is not.

8. When does it stop being a manager not good enough and move onto the players. How many of Spector, Faubert, Kovac, Sears, Hines, Barrera or Nouble could be classed as good enough to even get West Ham promoted again if they went down in May?

9. Now Nicklas, we need a word. Never mind all this gubbins about you being world class. That is how you run a forward line. Van Persie didn’t sulk, didn’t huff and puff, didn’t miscontrol the ball. RVP looked ominously back to sharpness, and he is a joy to watch when that occurs.

10. Classy touch from the fans that stayed behind to clap Avram down the tunnel. Proper fans, unlike Gold and Sullivan, dare I say it.

  • Sean L. Allen

    RVP probably could have had 3 or 4 goals…if he wouldn’t have gotten caught up into what Nasri and Cesc do in trying to walk the ball in the goal half the time.

  • Boohoo

    Hmmm, bit harsh on Hines, he’s only young. Ditto for Nouble, who hasn’t had much first team football yet. I agree about the rest, and that’s even with Spector having a good season by his standards. None of the WHU fans really got the Barrera signing. Faubert would be fine as a bit part squad player who might be able to do a job as fullback/midfielder/winger when you have a zillion injuries but he’s started too many games in recent years for too little quality. Sears hasn’t fulfilled early promised. Kovac is just not Premier League standard.

  • Waqar_5437

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