Top 10 reasons why Liverpool SHOULDN’T sack Roy Hodgson

Posted by - January 7, 2011 - Lists, Liverpool

In defence of Uncle Woy (sort of)

1. His post-match interviews are outstanding value. First there was the denial, then there was the ridiculous excuses of a man watching a different game to everyone else. His current stage could best be described as bewilderment.

2. If Kenny Dalglish was to take over as manager and flop, the universe might implode. Or else there would be a lot of Scousers forced to eat humble pie.

3. Paul Konchesky would be left without a single friend on Merseyside.

4. Liverpool need to play the long-game. Blackburn stuck with Roy Hodgson for 18 months – just follow in their footsteps and they will end up three place further up the league in 12 years time. Plus there’s Graeme Souness’ return to look forward to.

5. He lasted longer at Inter Milan than Rafael Benitez. He must be a step in the right direction.

6. There is an outside chance he will resign. Talking about being offered the chance to jump from Blackburn before he was pushed, he said: “I refused to do that, arrogant of course as I was in those days.” That suggests he is not arrogant anymore. Perhaps he would happily quit if someone asked nicely.

7. His win ratio is currently higher than it was in his much-lauded Fulham days at 41.38 per cent. That’s less than two per cent below his career average. In other words, he is performing at around the level that could have been expected before he was appointed.

8. It makes sense to keep him until the Merseyside derby on January 16. Any embarrassment from a home defeat to Everton can then be firmly blamed on Hodgson.

9. He has always maintained that the squad is not yet his own and mainly still Rafa Benitez’s. It would be a be a bit spiteful to stick with him until the transfer window opens then give him the boot.

10. There has been no celebrity protest video calling for him to go yet. It would be a bit of an anti-climax if he left without a Dear Uncle Woy video.


    i can tell you 100000 reasons why he deserved to have got the sack 2 months ago…we lie 12th,we play awful,our players seem uncommited,he never had top class management experience,he could never manage players like Gerrard,Torres,Reina,Carragher,Kuyt,…he plays players out of position,he publicly criticised Joe Cole,Agger,Johnson,Babel,…his transfers are awful as Konchesky and Poulsen might be good for Fulham not LIVERPOOL,his away record is s**t,he plays Ngog for the last 20 games,and Ngog has scored only one goal,he prefers Konchesky to Aurelio,he prefers Kyrgiakos to Agger,he got us out of Carling cup against fourth division club,Northampton,we lost at home against Wolves and Blackpool,the squad is not that bad to be 12th,his comments have been awful,Reina and Torres want to leave if he stays,he could never manage a top club like Liverpool,he plays WAY too DEFENSIVELY,his substitutions have been awful,commenting on the loss of wolves that it was simply A BAD DAY IN THE OFFICE….SACK HIM NOW THAT OLD BAS***D…Bring Rijkaard and two players in january and we could save something this season….ROY OUT

  • Rahima

    I can’t believe there people out there saying we shouldn’t fire Roy Hodgson.
    He’s gonna get Liverpool relegated fromt the Premiership.