Video: Richard Keys asks Jamie Redknapp: “Would you smash it?”

Posted by - January 26, 2011 - Football videos, Oddballs

Sky Sports surely to ask Richard for their Keys back next

Despite battling on for dear life, it looks like the Sky Sports sexism row will claim its second victim as further footage emerges. With Andy Gray already gone, Richard Keys is now likely to be sacked too as a video of him making equally “unacceptable” comments made its way onto YouTube.

Keys muscles on a discussion about a former girlfriend of Jamie Redknapp referred to as ‘Louise’. Keys twice refers to the woman as “it”, asking Redknapp: “Would you smash it?”

He continued:

“Mind you, that’s a stupid question, if you were anywhere near it, you definitely smashed it. You could have gone round there any night and found Redknapp hanging out the back of it.”

Studio guest Graeme Souness interestingly gives Keys a little kick at the end of the video. We don’t know if that was a kick of disapproval, a kick of ‘Redknapp is not likely to be impressed with that’ or a kick of ‘watch your mouth, you’ll be in trouble’.

Meanwhile, Ruud Gullit is still trying to turn predictive text off.

  • Jack

    I can see why Gray was sacked but this is exactly the same banter that you get in any workplace. No doubt there are women sat in offices all over the land saying very similar things about men (albeit expressed in a slightly different manner).

  • Anonymous

    Without a doubt, Jack. Luckily for them they are not saying it in front of cameras and getting videos showing a pattern of behaviour drip fed to the media.

    Faced with this sort of evidence, most employers would be forced to take some sort of disciplinary action, I suspect.

  • Jimbo

    I was actually discussing this with some of the girls that work in my office. None of them seemed to care really. The general consensus was that ‘That’s just how men talk’. Which I pointed out was also a very sexist statement.

    The whole incident has been totally blown out of proportion.