Video: Spanish goalkeeper needs to be walked through the basics

Posted by - January 28, 2011 - Football videos, Spain

The most casual handball ever

The coach of lowly Spanish outfit Ontiyent CF could be forgiven for quitting his job this week to work with an under-5s team. The kids would have a better grasp of the basic laws of football than his senior players, it would seem.

Among the most important points to get across to a group of children in order to get a game of football going is: “You lot can’t touch the ball. You can but only inside those white lines.”

This simple concept was lost on goalkeeper Ruben Garcia, who came strolling out of his penalty area ball-in-hand during his side’s match against CD Denia. We don’t know if he thought a free-kick had been given, if he was expecting a game of rugby or if he suffered a bout of amnesia.