A Savage verbal attack: Robbie twists the knife

Posted by - February 7, 2011 - Quotes, Ranting and Raving, Twitter

Sticks and stones will break my bones

As you may have read, yesterday OTP rather wound up Monsieur Savage by suggesting that he may be out of touch with some of the working class fans that pay to watch him at Pride Park.

It is time to admit that I, Daniel Storey, then took upon it to contact Savage on Twitter, purely with the intention of prizing some more glorious soundbites. Surely as a kid we must all have poked at an animal with a stick to try and get it angry?

It is fair to say that Robbie was not, on the whole, appreicative of my efforts. I will answer each charge in turn.

Go and have a party with your followers in a phone box pal! zzzzzz

Although clearly touch my the familiarity assumed by the word ‘pal’, I fear that Robbie was mocking my mere 50ish followers. Hey, I’m new to this game, and I do prefer to stick to the mantra “Followers does not equal friends”. Anyway, Robbie had earlier told his followers to unfollow him: “press unfollow you eggs” so I didn’t think it would bother him that I had so few. If you do want to be patronising it’s @Daniel_OTP.

Put the bentleys model wife in designer clothes in as well pal and that your jealous

I know, I know, but don’t worry. I will help you, the reader, over the stumbling block of punctuation and grammar. Essentially the message is that I am jealous of the Bentley’s, designer clothes and model wife. I don’t drive and I actually do own some decent stash. The wife sure, but I’m 25 Robbie. Surely I have got time on my side?

And are you any relation to jimmy hill!!! Lol lol

And that one hurts. You have really cut to the core of me. I won’t put a headshot of me up, but I am really not that unnattractive. He is insinuating that I have a big chin, but the joke’s on him because it’s actually the dimple than possibly gives it an air of the comedy. And the double lol at the end. Jesus, mocked by the Savage. And I know what you’re thinking… should have gone back with a hair gag.

Mate get a life! I love mine!

No further questions, your honour. I am a broken man.

Thank God he didn’t find out that I’m a Forest fan. Dodged a bullet there.

  • Thisisnotnews

    Well this is as about as interesting as a blow to the head. Maybe if you had a life then tweeting insults to personalities might seem slightly ridiculous? As this is obviously not the case…. I look forward to hearing how you get into a tweeting war with your next target…. oh and say hi to your mum next time you walk out of your bedroom. I assume you still live at home….

  • Badgersmack

    Calm down Robbie, we all know it’s you!

  • Daniel Storey

    Ha, i think the story above shows that i didn’t abuse anyone. Merely received the abuse. And if we’re talking of abuse, i don’t live at home! It is not claiming to be ground breaking or even massively insightful, but merely a lighthearted view of someone who has taken offence more than once on what OTP has reported.

  • Thisisnotnews

    I am definitely not Robbie. Not even a Derby fan. I am a football fan. And when blogs about twitter wars become news….. good work newsnow…. thanks for the link. Keep this trash between mates where it belongs….

  • Daniel Storey

    Again, i was never claiming this to be big news. It was intended as an irreverent view of how footballers have lost touch with their fans. Not harmful. Not groundbreaking. Not even especially serious. But never intended as such. Come back tomorrow when therell be a serious piece by me on english managers abroad, and see what u think then

  • Random

    I’m guessing the irony that your doing pretty much the same thing is lost on you Mr Thisisnotnews. You do seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time attacking Daniel Storey for someone who claims not to be Robbie Savage…