Bet’s be ‘avin you: football betting tips for 19-20 February

Posted by - February 19, 2011 - Betting, Predictions

Gattuso, Crouchy and some Valentine’s images in our sports betting round-up

Football story of the week was obviously ‘Arry’s boys doing one on AC Meeelan. As a hopeless addict and boozer, I have to admire the behaviour of Rino Gattuso. Sort of acting like some Immanuel (it’s philosopher rhyming slang) in a local boozer who has had his ale knocked over. And Joe Jordan acting like the sort of guy who stays a little quiet and then kills your pets in the night just as you think you’ve got away with it. Truly heroic behaviour from all concerned.
£10 on Stoke, Birmingham, and Chelsea to win and Man United to win at -1.5 gets you £50

And while we are on the subject, what an advert Spurs were. I don’t actually like the club (in that sort of “don’t know why, just hate them” mentality that is the friend of the fickle football fan) but you have to admire the performance. If there was one tall striker that you fancied to succeed it would have been everyone’s favourite mardy Swede, but Crouchy / Timmy from South Park came good. I detest the phrase ‘good with his feet for a big man’ (he’s a ruddy football player) but not as much as ‘this keeper is a good shot stopper’ (well thank the Lord, he is our number one pissing goalkeeper).
£10 on Hereford and Lincoln to win gets you £73

Valentine’s Day thankfully passed without an iota of romance flickered across my being, and was celebrated by one of the worst football games seen in many an age. Chelsea’s performance was very similar to my own on the day of love: laboured, overweight in midfield, a lack of confidence, and then a sloppy tackle at the end almost leading to disaster and embarrassment (I’m here all week)
£10 on Leeds and Charlton to win gets you £38
£5 on Man United, Barcelona and Real Madrid at -2.5 gets you £40
£5 on Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Javier Hernandez to all score first goal gets you £180