Inter Milan keeper Julio Cesar ditches car and walks home after Champions League blunder

Posted by - February 25, 2011 - Champions League, Italy

Too depressed to drive

You will recall Julio Cesar selflessly served up Wednesday night’s sole Champions League goal in the final minute of Inter Milan’s match against Bayern Munich. The clanger seemingly had such an effect on the keeper that he couldn’t even bring himself to fetch his car from the San Siro’s underground car park.

Instead he opted to walk home.

According to a rather flowery translation of a story in Gazzetta dello Sport:

“Into the dressing room, on an evening that had suddenly become swarmed with demons, his brief purgatory before a night of hell spent battling his own remorse.

“Back to his house, where he sought a quick refuge, so desperate was he to reach that small corner of paradise that he abandoned his car deep within the abyss of the San Siro and walked – through crowds of people but alone, just him and his thoughts.”

That makes Mario Gomez’s strike possibly the only goal in Champions League history to be turned into a piece of pulp fiction. Hopefully we will see it made into a nice slab of Film Noir.

  • Bryn

    What about Chelsea’s 2 goals? Don’t they count as champions league goals this week?

  • Rob Parker

    Oops. Got a bit carried away there. Updated now.

  • Seth

    Chelsea played on Tuesday…this post talks about the sole goals from Wednesday…
    Reading is tough.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I posted a comment to Bryn last night from my phone which doesn’t seem to have appeared. Anyhow the post used to refer to the sole Champions League goal this week.

    It was updated after Bryn pointed out I’d got a bit carried away.