James Beattie lines himself up as Blackpool’s substitute goalkeeper

Posted by - February 11, 2011 - Blackpool, Oddballs

Beatts running

Some footballers of a certain age of accused of being happy to sit on their bench and collect their pay packet, but not Blackpool’s James Beattie. The Seasiders’ new star striker has volunteered to forego his attacking duties and be the team’s substitute keeper instead.

With Matt Gilks and Paul Rachubka out injured, Ian Holloway has only got a half-fit Richard Kingson to play in goal and no backup for the bench. He is battling to be allowed dispensation to bring in another keeper, but might be forced to rely on Beattie if that fails.

And with Kingson liable to succumb to injury again during the match, Olly is not happy with his current options. He said:

“Richard is more patched up than anyone in my squad. Beatts is pretty confident but I haven’t seen him do it yet. Hopefully we’ll get a sub goalie otherwise at this level it will be an absolute joke.

“That would make this whole division a lottery.

“How can you have the best league in the world and some little rule makes it a lottery and a joke? That’s what it will be if they don’t sanction me a chance to get another goalie.

“If I was a manager and played Aston Villa and they didn’t have a goalkeeper on the bench, I’d say: ‘Go and get one’ because I wouldn’t try to snap on to that as an advantage.

“I wouldn’t then say , ‘Step on his toe at a corner’ so they haven’t got a goalie. That shouldn’t be how this season is sorted.”

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