Man City defender Joleon Lescott lost to Wayne Rooney on the Xbox too

Posted by - February 15, 2011 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Glutton for punishment

Wayne Rooney’s spectacular overhead kick to secure victory for Manchester United in last weekend’s derby match was obviously not painful enough for Manchester City’s Joleon Lescott. He decided to challenge his England team-mate to a game of FIFA 11 on the Xbox later on Saturday, and was again defeated by Rooney!

Lescott said: “I just smiled at Wayne after the game but spoke to him later that evening through the Xbox.

“I just said ‘That was a great goal’ – you have to take your hat off to a goal like that. Wayne is a smashing player.

“I played FIFA with him. I’m all right but he’s better.

“And, although he beat me, I’m almost there now – I think I can almost take him!”

This tells us that Lescott must have some sort of masochistic streak, and that footballers have a lot of time on their hands.