OTP Podcast: Episode 12 – Valentine’s Special

Posted by - February 9, 2011 - Podcast

Ride ’em, Mick

The Off The Post Podcast is much like Valentine’s Day – it consists of a few desperate blokes and a lot of love goes into it. But in the end its all a bit of an anticlimax.

This week we can’t offer 12 red roses and a box of chocolates, but we can give you this: a pony trek with Mick McCarthy, Jermaine Beckford and his blood inducing strikes, snuggling up to Harry Redknapp’s jowls, and why Brazilian goalkeepers should never celebrate.

Add to this a full round-up of one of the maddest weekends in Premier League history, and our picks of which individuals from the Prem we would like to be our Valentine’s, and you’ve got yourself a show hotter than Sam Allardyce and Avram Grant Greco-Roman wrestling in a sauna.

The OTP Round Table

We have now inducted enough players into the OTP Knighthood that we can field a whole team of them, playing in a much debated (and surely underused in today’s game) fluid 2-3-5 formation. The team has a combined value of over £150m, including £35m man Andy Carroll and the £50,000 Northampton just paid for former Burton Albion hero Shaun Harrad.

The two are sure to form a prolific partnership providing Louis Saha doesn’t introduce big Andy to Merseyside’s top nightspots any time soon.

This week’s videos

Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote scoring the goal of the weekend in the match of the weekend. He even did enough to earn an elbow-drop from Steve Harper.

Looks like Paddy McGuinness is out of the job-there’s a new face of Gregg’s bakeries. And his name is Fernando Torres.

Harry Redknapp on his unconventional dance moves: “This job doesn’t give me as much time as I’d like to work on my dancing, but I fit it in when I can. After a good win it takes six of the boys to rip me off the Oceana dance floor. Anyone want to see me do the Sprinkler?”

Mick McCarthy showcasing his hidden, loving depths, again and again. What a beautiful man.

Argentinean U-20 striker Zuculini’s laughter-inducing miss causing a cackle from one commentator that sounds unnervingly like Wario when he overtakes you on Mario Kart.

More antics from the other side of the Atlantic as Frank Lampard’s ghost goal at the World Cup is put to shame, leading to the perhaps more bizarre incident of one commentator doing a trumpet impression of the Pink Panther theme tune in response (listen closely).

Brazilian goalkeeper Saulo scoring the winner for his innovatively named team, Sport, before damaging his cruciate ligaments whilst celebrating. The only thing more mental than this bizarre chain of events is the Lion on the other side of the advertising hoardings.

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