OTP Quiz of the Week 12

Posted by - February 5, 2011 - Competitions, Premier League, Quiz

With an old skool Premier League footballers theme

You will all have enjoyed our Random 90s Footballers feature, so this week we thought we would test you out. And remember, this week it is meant to be very tough!

1. Name the two Moroccans to have played for Aston Villa in the 90s?

2. Two Bosnians to have played in the Premier League are Asmir Begovic and Edin Dzeko. Name the third?

3. Which dreadlocked Dutchman joined Celtic from Sheffield Wednesday in 1997?

4. What nationality was 90s Spurs players Moussa Saib?

5. Whose career was this: Lyon, Strasbourg, Arsenal

6. Who was the crazy West Ham player who was rumoured to be living in a caravan?

7. Who is still the only Estonian to play in the Premier League?

8. Which French goalkeeper moved from one North East rival to another?

9. Which title-winning Blackburn midfielder played two games for England in the nineties, four years between the two caps?

10. Who was the ‘tubby’ England U21 midfielder that left Spurs to play over 300 games for Reading and Notts County?

11. Which Argentinian striker failed to impress at Newcastle United in the 2000/1 season?

12. Who was the comedy-named South American Celtic player that made only three appearances for the Hoops?

13. Which Arsenal player of the early 90s made four appearances for the Dutch national team?

14. I played in the Premier League for Nottingham Forest and now manage Tamworth. Who am I?

15. Can you name a more obscure Premier League footballer than Orpheo Keizerweerd? Answers below please.

1. Hassan Kachloul and Mustapha Hadji

2. Muhammed Konjic

3. Regi Blinker

4. Algerian

5. Remi Garde

6. Marco Boogers

7. Mart Poom

8. Lionel Perez

9. Stuart Ripley

10. Darren Caskey

11. Daniel Cordone

12. Rafael Scheidt

13. Glen Helder

14. Des Lyttle

15. Impress us

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