@RobbieSavage8 shows that he is still in touch with the common man

Posted by - February 6, 2011 - Oddballs, Quotes, Ranting and Raving, Twitter

Round 2. Fight.

OTP, and me in particular, has history with Robbie Savage. He has previously made it clear that we are not his favourite football blog site.

But Robbie wants to let us all know that he is still in touch with football fans nationwide. He knows that we toil away through the week, living for the dream of Saturday 3pm.

This was showed perfectly on Twitter this evening, when he described that he has to save up to buy a car like the rest of us.

After being criticised for his quite dreadful attempt to spell the surname Sneijder (Shcneider if you’re asking), Savage responded with the following:

It’s amazing how many people pull me up on spelling!! I can spell Lamborghini and Ferrari probably cos I’ve had 10!! Lol

When attacked on Twitter for his response, he merely tweeted:

Lol! lol unfollow just press it it’s to (sic) hard for some of you eggs

Presumably Derby fans won’t mind his comments, with him taking home upwards of 10k per week.

I can only offer my sincere apologies if the reporting of this affects him like the last one must have done. He hasn’t played in a winning team since.

Update: OTP has received official notifications from Savage that he also has owned eleven Bentleys and has a model wife. Keep alienating those fans, Robbie!

Derby fans, let us know your honest opinion. Seems the big man is a reader.

Oh, and we’ve corrected our spelling of Sneijder. Apparently it was Wesley Sneijder he was aiming for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728057417 Sam Volpe

    Such an absolute pillock. How he gets paid to air his opinions on occasion i have no idea… :/

  • Sam Ashoo

    I fear I may have had something to do with this:


    @RobbieSavage8 Robbie you’re going to have to improve your spelling if you’re going to make it at the Beeb lad! *Sneijder. 😉

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    oh this looks so awesome.

  • Dean

    Still the best pundit during the abysmal World Cup in SA

  • INTER291103

    You should correct again the spelling of Sneijder as it’s “Sneider”

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s not.