Schoolboy finds his wardrobe ruined by transfer deadline day

Posted by - February 3, 2011 - Kitman, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Oddballs, Transfer News and Gossip

Personalised shirt double whammy

A six-year-old schoolboy has emerged as an unlikely late contender for our Top 10 transfer deadline day losers list. Joseph Kierney, of Walton, Liverpool, has a Scouse mum and a Geordie dad. Not wishing to show favouritism towards either parent, Joseph supports both Liverpool and Newcastle.

In fact, he has a replica shirt for both teams: a Liverpool shirt with ‘Torres’ on the back and a ‘Carroll’ Newcastle kit. He was understandably pretty gutted as he watched transfer deadline day progress!

But he has now been fixed up with a Newcastle shirt bearing Kevin Nolan’s name and a replacement ‘Carroll’ Liverpool shirt by The Sun after agreeing to donate his original shirts to Oxfam under a scheme to send unwanted football shirts to Africa.

Joseph said: “I’m happy that I’ve got tops with the right names on.”

We reckon he might eventually find his loyalties lie with Newcastle: shorts in February?

  • Graeme Allon

    Brilliant LOL!!

  • I_hughes

    What’s he doing accepting a shirt from th S*n?!

  • Derp

    Spoilt little shit. Try growing up in Africa.

  • Boohoo

    Love it. If he becomes a fan of Robbie Keane we’ll be able to clothe most of Africa.