Top 10 conclusions: Carling Cup Final (Arsenal 1-2 Birmingham)

Posted by - February 27, 2011 - Arsenal, Birmingham, Conclusions, EFL Cup, Lists

1. Congratulations to Birmingham City. A thoroughly deserved victory and reward for some brave management from Alex McLeish.

2. Ben Foster thoroughly deserved his man of the match award. He put in the slide tackle of the match on Tomas Rosicky and his face made a great save. He made some decent stops with his hands too.

3. Arsene Wenger must be wondering who has got it in for him. His big chance to shoot down the doubters and he gets let down by a goalkeeper and a central defender. Doubters 1-0 Wenger.

4. A sublime Robin Van Persie goal was followed by a Robin Van Persie injury. The universe is safe for a bit longer.

5. From an organisation point-of-view, the whole event seemed a bit amateurish from the moment captain Robin Van Persie left the dignitaries waiting because he didn’t know he had to introduce his team, to Stephen Carr going up before the rest of his team to collect the trophy.

6. Perhaps it would have been better for Arsenal if Wojciech Szczesny had been sent-off in the first minute as he should have been.

7. Mrs Szczesny should probably be expecting another visit. Different reason this team.

8. Stephen Carr remarkable journey from retired has-been to cup-winning captain was capped off with a quick call on his imaginary telephone.

9. A hungover Alex McLeish will no doubt be activating the £5 million permanent deal in Obafemi Martins’ loan deal tomorrow.

10. What with all the pre-match talk being about Arsenal’s trophy drought, the final result must represent a Birmingham flood.

  • Simontinley

    I was born in 1964 and I’ve always hoped that that I’d see us win a major trophy. Congratulations to Alex and the players you will be remembered for ever. Hopefully the momentum will carry us to safety in the league and maybe to another cup final if I’m allowed to be greedy.

  • neil

    It’s fans like you that make me smile on a day like today. Fans that have seen promotions, relegations and everything in between. Enjoy your night pal. Richly deserved! Congrats!

  • Eli Carrico

    I hope Arsene sends Rosicky on loan to some club in Siberia and forgets to ask for him back.

  • Razz

    Its a shame Arsenal lost to Birmingham City. Had Walcott and Fabregas been fit, this football club could have ended there 6 year drought. Read more blogs at

  • Jill

    Razz it’s not a shame, the better team won, a team like Arsenal should be able to cover their injured players. Well done Birmingham!

  • Guest

    It’s only a shame if you’re an Arsenal fan. To the rest of the country, it’s fantastic as it’s wiped yet another smug smile off Arsenal’s face. They thought they’d won it a week before the game, so did the Cockney biased press. Shove it.

  • neil

    Exactly, guest. All week the talk has been about how Arsenal just had to show up at Wembley an pick up their trophy! Great to see Birmingham win it!

  • Jimbo

    Brum were 6/1 to win that match. I knew I should have stuck a tenner on it.

  • Steve

    Birmingham were the dirt on Wenger’s shoe, the fly that had to be swatted aside so that the mighty Arsenal could claim their rightful desserts. Well you arrogant prima donnas, your just desserts you certainly got!!! Come on you Blue Boys, Today the Carling Cup, tomorrow survival. Keep Right On!!

  • RichP

    People seem to forget that Dann, Hleb and McFadden, 3 top class blues players, were also ruled out through injury. Arsenal need to get over their Fabregas/Walcott gripes. KRO!!

  • Matt

    My dad always said to me when you support blues it will be full of disappointment and frustration but if you stick with blues they will give you moments to saviour and cherish for life and it’s them moments that make supporting blues a joy. Blues winning the cup and getting into Europe is one of these moments. Proud to be a bluenose and always will be. K.R.O