Top 10 footballer monobrows

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A list of unique unibrows

In an age of metrosexual footballers who spend more time at the salon than the training ground, OTP celebrates 10 players who snubbed plucking and waxing to maintain their magnificent monobrows.

1. Jose Bosingwa
Think footballer with monobrow and you think Jose Bosingwa. Despite the amount of time he spends with smooth-all-over Frank Lampard and those long trips away with a Portugal squad that might as well be sponsored by Veet, temptation has never got the better of Bosingwa.

2. Nery Castillo
A truly great football monobrow. You may have got a sneaky peek at it if you were unfortunate enough to watch Manchester City’s drab Europa League draw with Aris last week. Notable for his startling facial resemblance to Baby Gerald from the Simpsons.

3. Giuseppe Bergomi
The one-club man goes down as an Inter Milan legend, but also as a monobrow legend. We suspect it was never an issue for the hardman defender as we doubt anybody ever pointed out how daft he looked. Not content with his impressive brow, Bergomi frequently teamed it up with a massive moustache for extra facial hair fun. Check out an 18-YEAR-OLD (seriously) Begomi at the 1982 World Cup.

4. Eddie McGoldrick
The inspiration for this list after appearing in our Random 1990s Footballer Tuesday feature. He sported the monobrow throughout his career and enjoyed the poor man’s Bergomi look during his Crystal Palace days.

5. Eric Cantona
Football’s greatest monobrow in footballing terms? Probably. The Cantona monobrow has survived his move into acting and, like a fine French red wine, seems to be getting better with age.

6. Marouane Fellaini
The primary reason that the Everton star grew his ridiculous hairdo was to take attention away from his arguably even more ridiculous monobrow. It’s a beaut.

7. Carlos Tevez
As monobrows go, Tevez wears his pretty well. It’s always there and yet it is somehow quite easy to miss. Very natural.

8. Cesar Delgado
The Lyon defender midfielder certainly cuts a striking figure. Unlike his compatriot Tevez, Delgado’s attention-seeking monobrow is in your face. It sits straight across his brow like a furry ruler.

9. Yordan Letchkov
For a player who seemed to be bald for his entire career, it must have been difficult to take that there was no shortage of hair at the bridge of his nose. The Bulgarian star is still only aged 43 now, despite looking in his mid-fifties at USA 94.

10. Caesar Jenkyns
It would be rude to let the occasion pass without a proper old school monobrow. Step forward Welsh international Caesar Jenkyns. Not only was he pioneering joined-up eyebrows in the early days of football, he also backed the right horses (in footballing terms) by playing for Woolwich Arsenal and Newton Heath, who were the early incarnations of Arsenal and Manchester United respectively.

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