Top 10 transfer deadline day losers

Posted by - February 2, 2011 - Lists, Premier League, Transfer News and Gossip

The winner takes it all, the loser gets a list too

Following on from yesterday’s list of transfer deadline day winners, here are their less fortunate counterparts:

1. John W. Henry’s chequebook
The Liverpool owner’s bank account took a bit of a battering. The Fernando Torres sale covered most of the costs, but Kenny Dalglish is desperately trying to get himself added to the account as a joint signatory.

2. Merseyside police
Northumbria’s gain is Merseyside’s loss. Liverpool’s boys in blue (not Everton) will be anxious to see whether the trouble that followed Andy Carroll around Newcastle’s nightclubs turns up in Liverpool city centre.

3. Andy Burton
Banning Sky Sports’ very own transfer gimp and his row of mobile phones from deadline day was tantamount to telling a child that all their Christmas presents are going back to Santa… and then actually sending them to the North Pole.

4. Roy Hodgson
The ex-Liverpool manager would no doubt have been looking on and pondering that he wouldn’t have minded the chance to spend more than £50 million during this transfer window.

5. Ian Holloway
After weeks and weeks of ramping up the Charlie Adam rumours and his skipper’s price tag, Olly missed out on his cut of the multi-million pound deal because of an admin problem at Bloomfield Road.

6. Manchester City fans
It must have come as a shock to the system being sat in front of the TV watching other teams’ supporters hounding Sky Sports News presenters.

7. West Ham
The Hammers managed to bring in two strikers in Demba Ba and Robbie Keane. Ba’s impact remains to be seen, but Keane hasn’t looked like he would be up for a relegation scrap for some time now. There were arguably other areas of their line-up where the West Ham hierarchy should have been focusing their attention.

8. Vinny
The befuddled Sky Sports News reporter saw his professionalism disappear as he got distracted by a mob of rowdy Liverpool fans swearing behind him. He ended up putting his finger to his ear and muttering things about confirming that Charlie Adam was on his way to Liverpool. When a Sky Sports reporter’s rumour is rubbished immediately by the anchor then you know there’s no truth in it!

9. Arsenal
The Gunners have probably exceeded many people’s expectations so far this season, but the couple of weaknesses they still have a pretty clear to anyone watching their matches. Arsenal fans might have expected a couple of signings as Arsene Wenger’s side kick-on for silverware. No such luck.

10. Paul Konchesky
A Big Four left-back? Probably not, but definitely a Premier League left-back. After taking a step forward from Fulham to Liverpool, Konchesky has now been forced to take two steps back to get his career back on track after becoming the whipping boy of Roy Hodgson’s tenure.

  • Andy Harding

    how did west ham loose out on transfer day, explain ?

  • Andy Harding

    so how did westham loose out in transfer deadline day ? explain.

  • Joe

    They spent time and money securing the transfer of an ineffectual money grabbing oap and in Demba Ba a striker who has failed medicals at Stuttgart and Stoke in successive years.

  • Bak

    arsenal rarely sign over priced players in january transfer window

  • Josephmcooper22 this years transfer window annoyed me enough to write my own blog!

  • Dean

    John W. Henry’s Chequebook?

    Torres – £50m
    Babel – £7m
    Palsson – £500k
    Total = £57.5m

    Suarez – Upto £23m
    Carroll – £35m + Extras
    Total = £58m

    Please explain your maths OTP?

  • Anonymous

    Certainly. Only Torres, Suarez and Carroll were transfer deadline day deals.

    And putting that to one side, it was more to do with Kenny Dalglish seemingly having carte blanche (which led to his inclusion in the winners’ list).

  • hammerswest

    I see the money grabbing oaf scored today!!

  • hammerswest

    I see the money grabbing oaf scored today!!

  • Andy

    You cant separate out just one day from the transfer window to declare who won… or why didnt you do “transfer day 1 winners/losers”, “transfer day 2 winners/losers”…

    I’m no fan of Liverpool, but I dont see how you can claim they spent too much money. You can debate the valuation of Carrol but the overall financial decisions make sense.

  • Andy

    How’s that been working out for Arsene? Chelsea start spending again and suddenly he’s feuding with Moyes about exactly who Fabregas insulted… suggests that he might be feeling the pressure?

  • Andy

    TaDa… Today’s Guardian interview with Henry: The fee for Torres was dependent on what Newcastle asked for Carroll, explaining that Liverpool wanted Carroll, plus £15m.

    So Newcastle set the price and Chelsea paid it… nothing to do with Liverpool. And £15m makes sense as the amount needed for Liverpool to break even over the window (as noted by Dean).