Top five positives: Denmark 1-2 England

Posted by - February 9, 2011 - England, International, Lists

1. It’s a win
And let’s face it, we’ll take any sort of win at the moment. As it happens it was a decent win in the sort of game England might have let slide for a draw or conceded a late goal in previously.

2. Jack Wilshere
New Makelele? Not quite – there’s a lot of trade-learning to be done. But the joy of a deep-lying midfielder who can pick passes, is comfortable in position, sets the tempo and is willing to put a tackle in was there to see in those first 45 minutes.

3. John Terry
Had his best England game in ages. Looked like the JT of old with the levels of commitment and visible passion we knew and loved, plus the ability to drive forward with the ball from the back.

4. Darren Bent
Perhaps big price-tags don’t necessarily always have a negative effect on the player. That’s the first time Bent has looked like he really believed he belonged in an England shirt and he got a goal to prove it.

5. Fabio’s pressing might be sinking in
OK, they still get ridiculously wrong on occasions and end up looking like a bunch of muppets, but there was enough evidence to suggest that, in general, Capello’s blueprint for playing without the ball is being more widely adopted and possibly even understood by England’s players.

  • Stuart Otterson

    Side stepping the arguments for and against international friendlies, if we’re going to have them the least we expect is entertainment and I think that’s pretty much what we got tonight. Some good chances created by both sides, Denmark could of scored a few but so could England, I enjoyed watching and wondering who would convert their chance finally into a goal to seal it.

    Also played against a good team, should probably play against similar countries in future friendlies rather than small football nations where it tends to be comfortable wins and big football nations where we’re just out of our depth.