Video: High school match abandoned after crazed headbutt challenge

Posted by - February 8, 2011 - Football videos, MLS & US

Heads, you lose

This US high school match had to be called off following a brutal challenge by a St Margaret’s player on a Saddleback Valley Christian School opponent. The ball bounced up nicely for a 50/50 challenge in the air.

But when the St Margaret’s man realised he wasn’t going to win the ball, decided to plant his powerful clearing header on the opposition player instead. He was immediately red-carded and the match was abandoned by the ref.

  • Tim

    Now I have watched this back a few times now and there is no doubting that that is a nasty collision, but it seems to me that he clearly wins the header (look at the direction the ball flies off to for a start) and the heads do not even collide.

    The referee then looks to only give a yellow card. Unless I am going colour blind. Which seems fair, as it was a robust challenge but it looked like he won the header and a collision was inevitable. The main problem here is that the player in white did not go for the ball with much aggression and you will obviously get hurt in a 50/50 if you do this.

    I don’t doubt that this game was abandoned, but more likely to the fact that the player was unconscious and they had to wait for the emergency services or whatever.

  • Eugene Kan

    I saw this posted on another site and the comments are generally the same. Nobody thinks its worthy of a sending off. He went into a ball and won it and nobody denies that, albeit slightly overzealous in his actions.

    But I liken this to an open ice hit in hockey. There really isn’t any imminent danger requiring to fly in with such pace but you KNOW you’ll be there first and with it you can lay a solid and clean challenge. Had he lightened up, maybe it would have been worse and they would have butted heads? A shot to the chest and a winding > head injuries.