Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football betting tips for 12-13 March

Posted by - March 12, 2011 - Betting, Predictions

Speeding cars, a census and an FA Cup weekend

One thing that really grinds my gears is bad drivers. I don’t drive myself, as I reckon at that point I’d have to do a lot less drinking and a lot more driving, which means I get a really good view, thus making it easy to be critical. The other day me and Sandra were going to Asda for a big shop, when this little madam sped past, doing forty in a thirty, on the mobile, with a little Princess on board sticker. Think we all know what happened the last time a special Princess was in the back seat of a speeding car. Didn’t end up too well.
£10 on QPR, Burnley and Norwich gets you £48

Got our census through the door this week. I find it fascinating that they managed to account for 54 million people with it last time. I wonder how many of them tested them out like I did after a few shandies on Thursday night. Occupants of the house: 69. How related: Civil Partners. Religion: Jedi. I’m half expecting Michael Barrymore to pop round dressed as Darth Vader. I can literally feel the force, Michael.
£10 on Manchester United and Manchester City to win gets you £29

Manchester United taking on Arsenal today. When was the last time there was just one ‘big’ game in a weekend? Fans of comedy (as well as tutting at the lame gags above) will have been amused to see Michael Carrick being awarded a new three year contract. West Ham fans laughing at the holding midfielder of Manchester United. The whole world’s gone mental. Next it’ll be Neil Warnock’s club getting done for third-party ownership even after that Tevez affair. What’s that you say?
£10 on Luton, Dundee and Dundee United gets you £71

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