Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti excuses Ashley Cole over shooting incident

Posted by - March 1, 2011 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Are you telling me you’ve never shot someone?

If OTP ever ends up in court, remind us not to hire Carlo Ancelotti as our defence lawyer. While we do not doubt he would defend us with great sincerity and passion, we have a lingering concern that the prosecution and the jury might spot a few holes in our case.

That’s if the Chelsea manager’s response to the Ashley Cole shooting incident is anything to go by. The gist seemed to be: he’s not God, of course he might shoot someone by mistake.

The Italian said:

“I’ve said before I didn’t want to control the players outside the training ground because that wouldn’t be fair.

“If things happen in the training ground, mistakes, then I have to take action. To read that Cobham is out of control though is totally wrong.

“I’ve been a manager for 20 years and one of the most important things is discipline.

“To have that you have to observe the rules. One player, Ashley, made a mistake. When he said sorry he was really disappointed.

“What do we have to do now? Kill him? No. We have to support him.

“It would be very different if he had not said ‘sorry’. We are not happy.

“He stepped over the line but we have to support him. We are really disappointed for the guy who was involved and was a victim of this. But things are not out of control.

“I am angry, obviously. I’m not happy and now I have to explain this is not a good thing to do. But I maintain the same idea about him – he’s a good player, a good man, also.

“For this reason, we have to be fair. I hope to be fair with all my players.

“I want to have a good relationship with them but this does not mean there is no discipline here.

“We didn’t know the gun was here. He made a mistake. Who hasn’t made a mistake in his life? Who? God maybe.”

No further questions, your honour.

  • Bigeye

    Allegedly when the shot was fired, Drogba fell and rolled around on the floor clutching his knee in agony