Losing FA Cup quarter-finals gives you new-found love of military history

Posted by - March 14, 2011 - Birmingham, FA Cup, Quotes, West Ham


Is football getting more violent? Possibly. It’s certainly getting more war-like. Both West Ham manager Avram Grant and Birmingham boss Alex McLeish chose military references as they discussed their clubs’ FA Cup quarter-final defeats.

“It was a penalty for us at the end which he (the referee) didn’t give. What happened with Tomkins was more bushido (the Japanese code of conduct for samurai warriors).”

Avram Grant comes over all oriental after his side’s defeat to Stoke.

“We thought of the old SAS motto. If we were going to go down, we’d go down fighting.”

Alex McLeish compares bringing on Matt Derbyshire as a sub to botching up an operation and ending up in a Libyan jail, and discovers that “Who Dares” doesn’t always win.