Manchester City fan’s spelling error gives United fans more ammunition

Posted by - March 21, 2011 - FA Cup, Manchester City, Oddballs

Que sera, sera

Manchester United supporters’ suggestions that their city rivals have no pedigree when it comes to winning silverware were given a big boost by this Manchester City fan, who managed to spell Wembley wrong on his handwritten banner!

  • Thisisourmanchestercity

    Funny how hes wearing a red top and the banner is written in red, I could easily of photoshoped that guy into the background image and done a better job at it too.

    For the record I know atleast three united fans that don’t even know who sir Matt Busby is, one of them spelt Manchester as ‘Mamchester’ which says it all does it not when their a 22 year old Englishman in Devon.

  • Barry Howell1

    hehe ……

    like any City fan would even come out with a banner like that ….

    it’s clearly a third rate attempt at a wind up from second rate fans ….. rags clearly aren’t clever enough to wind City fans up , they’ve tried often enough!

  • Boris

    Photoshop – As done by soneone who’s just got the software.

  • Dajd1984

    it was shown live on tv after the reading game at COMS. sad but true… and yes, i’m a blue!

  • Jem

    Is this worth a discussion? So the man can’t spell. The Gallaghers can’t sing play or dance but they’re doin alright (sorry, DOING, mustn’t upset the highly educated intellectual rags).

  • Phil

    To Thisismanchestercity you need to check your post- apostrophe missing, incorrect use of ‘their’ and I’m not sure the last part makes sense!

  • ming the merciless

    yep, its the kind of thing desperate united fans will jump on, but after numerous chats with reds on messageboards then i can honestly say, united fans ,in general, are just one step up from the ape when it comes to spelling!!!…ha ha

  • Anonymous

    Criticises spelling and then goes on to use “Their”… Look:

    THERE = There is that pen I’ve been looking for.
    THEIR = Their hopes of a top 4 finish are looking shaky (indicates something belonging to.)
    THEY’RE = THEY ARE = They’re still in the cup.