Millie Clode does not like sex – official

Posted by - March 2, 2011 - Football videos, Oddballs

She’s giving us Sky Sports Nos

Now without sounding all Gray and Keysy, we all know that Millie Clode of Sky Sports News is a real sort. A real bobby dazzler.

But just in case any of you do fancy here, and were sat at work thinking: “yeah, I tell you what, I am a good looking man, I can handle the fame, and I reckon Millie would consider me a decent catch. On top of all that, I am damn decent in the sack.”

Well unfortunately for you, Millie is not interested. Not one little bit.

In fact, so disinterested is the presenter in rumpy-pumpy that she announced as much on Sky Sports News, just as the channel was going to a break.

Shame that, I could have rocked her world.

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